Civil Service Agency

As part of its support to the BiH public administration reform the SPI Program assist the Civil Service Agency in expanding their training offer in areas that are of common interest to all civil servants. Topics for new training offers will be selected based on the Agency´s Training Needs Analysis carried out in 2012 and the provisions of the Revised Action Plan 1 of the Public Administration Reform Strategy. The additional courses will be placed on an e-learning platform that should become operational in 2013. Aside from hosting courses offered by the Civil Service Agency, the e-learning platform will also allow other institutions to create and manage their own e-learning content.

The cooperation between the CSA and SPI Program also includes the establishment of an electronic Training Management System that will allow the Civil Service Agency to process training applications, communication with participants and certification in a fast and transparent way. The Training Management System will help to process the classic face-to-face seminars and the new e-learning courses.

The SPI Program and the CSA are currently in the process of assessing if other structural measures can be supported to i) increase the quality of services provided by CSA and ii) to further the implementation of the Public Administration Reform standards within the Agency.

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