Directorate for European Integration

The Directorate for European Integration (DEI) is an expert body of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The Directorate is coordinating the European integration process at the state level (horizontal coordination) and between the state institutions and entities (vertical coordination). It produces a variety of information, analyses, reports and strategic documents necessary for the integration process. In addition, DEI has a significant role in promoting and informing the public as to what the integration process signifies and entails

The SPI Programsupports the Directorate in expanding their training offer, specifically for courses targeting civil servants. The aim is to enable civil servants to better cope with the requirements of the European integration process and its consequences for their individual institutions. In a first step this will relate to the offer of new e-learning courses available to all institutions on the DEI website. The cooperation will also lead to the establishment of an electronic Training Management System that allows the Directorate to process training applications, communication with participants and certification in a fast and transparent way.

The SPI Program and the Directorate are currently in the process of assessing if other structural measures can be supported to i) increase the quality of services provided by DEI and ii) to further the implementation of the Public Administration Reform standards in the Directorate.

Visit the official website of the Directorate for European Integration.