Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in B&H was established by the Decision of the Council of Ministers in October 2004, following the recommendation of the Feasibility Study for B&H. Establishment of the Office was thus a response to the needs of citizens for a more efficient and more accountable public administration, capable to accept the obligations in the process of EU integration.

PARCO’s role is to coordinate, direct and monitor public administration reform in order to make its improved organisational structure – by applying the best European practices – capable of implementing the entire process of EU integration and becoming a part of the European Administrative Space and ultimately deliver better services to the citizens.

Strengthening the Office through the development of capacities for coordination and monitoring of the reform, improvement of capacities for strategic planning and project management are some of the most important areas addressed by the cooperation within SPI. An improved coordination of reform should yield agreater degree of implementation of the reform measures which will ultimately represent better, faster and more modern public administration services for citizens and businesses. The Programme makes significant efforts to create synergies among its partner institutions in order to implement standards set out in the Public Administration Reform Strategy and its action plans.

Moreover, the Programme supports activities aimed at better communication of the Office with various groups, including non-governmental organisations and the media. By taking a proactive role in communication with the public, the Office wants to position itself as open to the wider community and generate greater understanding and support for the reform process.

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