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Strengthening of Public Institutions
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The strategy of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions is to close the enormous gap that exists between the objectives and the standards of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and their implementation.

September 24, 2015

Communications & Knowledge Management

  Improved Communications in Public Administration Serving the Citizens  Improved communications in public institutions is one of the objectives of the public administration reform, and the Revised Action Plan 1 dedicates one of the six reform areas to this issue (Institutional Communication). Goals set in this strategic action plan serve as a basis for work […]


July 5, 2013

PAR Planning & Coordination

The work in the thematic area of PAR Planning and Coordination and EU integration focuses on institutions that have a key role in the implementation of the public administration reform and the EU integration process, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO), and the Directorate for European Integration (DEI). The aim is to strengthen the […]


Quality Management

Quality management is one of the thematic areas where special attention is paid to the approach that is oriented towards clients and the civil society, as well as to measuring success in line with the established system of the process-oriented institution. Part 4 of the Revised Action Plan, chapter Administrative Procedures and Administrative Services, foresees […]


Human Resource Management

In the Public Administration Reform Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Revised Action Plan 1 Human Resources Management is defined as one of six horizontal areas of public administration that require improvements in order to ensure systematic reform process aimed at European integration. The general objective of the reform in the field of […]


Public Procurement & E-Governance

Majority of services provided by public administration is of informational nature, therefore, it is convenient to provide such services electronically, mainly using Internet. Although there are several definitions of e-governance, it can be safely said that e-governance means use of information and communications technology to provide information and public services. To more clearly present the […]