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Strengthening of Public Institutions
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The strategy of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions is to close the enormous gap that exists between the objectives and the standards of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and their implementation.

Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH

July 8, 2013

Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education (APOSO) started its operation in 2009. The Agency’s work is advisory in nature and its role is to provide advice to the relevant ministries in line with conclusions and recommendations based on conducted evaluations.

An operative plan was made in 2011 on the basis of discussions and workshops held with responsible persons from APOSO. This plan contains first proposals of measures to support and strengthen the Agency in its functioning. We expect concrete results already by 2013 when we should have visible improvement in the work of the Agency and also in its internal and external communication with important stakeholders and the general public.

One of defined activities is the introduction of a monitoring and evaluation system with the strategic goal of monitoring and evaluation of APOSO achievements. Jointly we drafted a proposal for the data model for external evaluation of students’ achievements which is currently in the test phase in three pilot locations in BiH. Training of APOSO employees is one of the most important elements of our cooperation. In autumn 2012 we are starting with a series of 12 trainings in the field of public administration, management of programmes and projects, presentation skills and public relations, as well as with specific trainings related to APOSO’s work.

APOSO activities are focused on quality assurance in BiH education system through the establishment of standards for student achievements, evaluation of achieved results and development of common core curricula in pre-primary, primary and secondary education. Our common aim is that APOSO become a recognizable client-oriented institution and we hope to jointly contribute to a higher quality education in BiH.

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