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Strengthening of Public Institutions
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The strategy of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions is to close the enormous gap that exists between the objectives and the standards of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and their implementation.

Human Resource Management

July 5, 2013

In the Public Administration Reform Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Revised Action Plan 1 Human Resources Management is defined as one of six horizontal areas of public administration that require improvements in order to ensure systematic reform process aimed at European integration.

The general objective of the reform in the field of human resource management is developing of professional, politically unbiased, ethnically balanced, ethical, and stable civil service that meets the needs, that is respected, and capable of providing efficient service to the governments and citizens of BiH.

Methodology of the Human Resource Management thematic area is based on the following:

In this thematic area the key expected change is that the human resources management system in public administration needs to be not only transparent and fair, but also to be based on the principles of merit, professionalism, and affirmation and rewarding of performance efficiency.


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