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Strengthening of Public Institutions
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The strategy of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions is to close the enormous gap that exists between the objectives and the standards of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and their implementation.

Public Procurement & E-Governance

July 5, 2013

Majority of services provided by public administration is of informational nature, therefore, it is convenient to provide such services electronically, mainly using Internet.

Although there are several definitions of e-governance, it can be safely said that e-governance means use of information and communications technology to provide information and public services.

To more clearly present the approach in developing and improving such services and information flows, it should be noted that development of electronic governance does include mere introduction of IT in public administration, but its essence is in adapting the existing processes and the very approach to providing information and services.

Benefits of e-governance to institutions are numerous and include:

Activities of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in this area involves all partner institutions and directly supports establishing of new and improving of the existing information flows and services by improving the existing processes, developing new  and improving the existing systems, and by promoting them to the wider circle of users. Activities affect all categories of electronic services (G2G/government to government, G2B/government to businesses, G2C/government to citizens). Special attention is given to projects implemented in the field of public procurement that significantly contributed to improvement of services, increased transparency, and further efforts in fight against corruption. In addition, in order to improve capacities of civil servants and informing of general public, a series of educational courses dedicated to different topics concerning public administration has been developed.

In addition, in line with the Revised Action Plan 1 of the public administration reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions intensively works on strengthening human capacities in this area through regular trainings, study visits, and exchange of best practices.

In its activities and support to institutions by improving electronic governance and use of information technology, the Programme will follow the principles such as transparency, accessibility, applicability, sustainability, interoperability, and technological neutrality.

The final goal is to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and support increased quality of services provided by public administration bodies.

Complementarity of electronic governance and support to the public procurement system of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been recognised by the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions as well, so these two aspects of public administration development are treated within the single thematic area – Public Procurement and E-Governance.

Public procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been in the focus of public attention for quite some time, and it is generally believed that the existing procedures are demanding and insufficiently transparent. These facts made the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions to direct significant internal resources in dealing with this issue. The Public Procurement Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina was a logical choice as a key partner for activities in this area. During the first phase of the Programme and in a form of bilateral cooperation, a series of existing services has been improved, while several completely new services have been introduced; capacities of the Agency staff and a number of users of public procurement system have been improved, positive experiences with similar system in the region and abroad have been exchanged, and client satisfaction surveys have been implemented, just as campaigns for promotion of the existing and new services.

Since many of these activities are directly linked to processes of improvement of electronic governance, in the second phase of the Programme the previously mentioned complementarity will be evident in continuous activities within this particular thematic area towards all partner institutions and further bilateral cooperation with the Public Procurement Agency as one of the key partners in this area.

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