Improvement of Accountability and Transparency

What we work on?

Improvement of government openness, transparency and the citizens’ engagement is one of the areas identified to have a direct positive influence on the government accountability, good governance and on prevention of corruption. Strengthening government communications is a necessary precondition to effectively engage with citizens, clients and stakeholders, as well as with the civil society at large.

What we want to achieve?

Our objective in this area of the Programme is to improve government transparency, including proactive disclosure of information, but also to foster effective government engagement with the civil society. Furthermore, we aim to improve government communications in a way that increases public participation.

How and with whom we work?

The efforts in this area are directly related to the Open Government and Open Data initiatives, as well as to the anti-corruption efforts. We are initiating, advising, and facilitating the processes of policy co-creation, consultations, citizens’ engagement and provide technical assistance in capacity building for a more open, transparent government. Our main partners in this area of work are the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, Directorate for European Integration, and the Agency for Statistics of BiH. We closely cooperate with the Ministry of Justice of BiH as well as with other institutions and civil society organisations in the country.

Some of our results so far & major activities

In 2015 the Programme supported the government and civil society co-creation of the Proactive Transparency policy, which has come to life and according to the research in 2016 four partner institutions have significantly increased their transparency and became top 4 among all state level institutions. In the past, the programme has advised the development of communications strategy, establishing social media communication of public institutions, advised PARCO to assume the role in the Open Government Partnership, etc.