Human Resource Management

What we work on?

Despite a solid legal basis, merit-based recruitment in civil service is not sufficiently safeguarded in practice. Application procedures are overly formal at some levels, and the capacities of selection/competition committees are inadequate. The salary system is based on job classification and pay grades, but fairness and coherence across the public service of BiH are not ensured, due to different salary regulations in the state, entities and the Brčko District institutions.

What we want to achieve?

The objective of our work in this area is to improve the transparency and fairness in the recruitment process by implementing the competency-based approach in the civil service recruitment process, in the job classification and the staff assessment. In addition, efforts will be invested through trainings, handbooks and other modes in strengthening the capacities of members of selection committees and human resource professionals. Strengthening the inter-institutional co-operation, the transfer of knowledge and mobility of trainers between administrative levels is another focus of our work here.

How and with whom we work?

Key institutions at the state and entity level will be supported to improve their advisory role to other institutions. Main cooperation partners are the Civil Service Agency of BiH, Civil Service Agency of Republika Srpska, Civil Service Agency of Federation of BiH and Civil Service Department of Brčko District, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH.

Some of our results so far & major activities

Rulebook for competency based interviews was adopted by the Council of Ministers in July 2016 and the Common Policy Framework for Human Resource Management in Structures of the Public Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina was adopted in June 2017. Since January 2017 over 160 members of recruitment boards have taken part in two-day trainings implemented for competency-based approach by the Civil Service Agency of BiH and supported by the Programme. Online application system for CSA BiH is finalised and the pilot phase will start in 2018. Working groups for competency-based job analyses are to be established and trained in 2018.