The work in the thematic area of PAR Planning and Coordination and EU integration focuses on institutions that have a key role in the implementation of the public administration reform and the EU integration process, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO), and the Directorate for European Integration (DEI). The aim is to strengthen the capacities of these institutions in their endeavors to coordinate the process of PAR, subsequently fulfilling the requirements for EU integration.

Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions (SPI) facilitates the professional development of the civil servants employed by the aforementioned partner institutions, through the provision of advisory services, external expertise process consultancies and trainings. In the case of PARCO this involves capacity building and coaching in strengthening the capacities to prepare project proposals and terms of reference, manage project implementation, and perform monitoring and evaluation of the reform process as well as individual projects. SPI supports DEI in strengthening its role in the EU integration process, through the provision of advisory services related to the Instrument for Pre-Accession 2, the drafting of Sector Planning Documents, harmonisation of the BiH legislation with the EU acquis communitaire and other obligations arising from the Stabilization and Association Agreement. Support is also provided to partner institutions in the facilitation of donor coordination and other processes which promote horizontal and vertical coordination of the PAR and EU integration process.

The cooperation with partners in the thematic area of PAR planning and coordination and EU integration promotes the ideas, recommendations and best practices developed and piloted in  other reform areas which SPI supports in other four thematic areas (Communications & Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management, Public Procurement & e-Governance as well as Quality Management) so that they are disseminated to the general public administration – either through the PAR coordination mechanism (seven supervisory teams with representatives of all government levels) or directly through the responsible institutions that are also SPI partner institutions, such as the Civil Service Agency and Public Procurement Agency.