Public Procurement & E-Governance

What we work on?

Due to the various reasons, number and level of application of e-government systems and intensity of supporting measures necessary to provide reliable e-governance services are still on a relatively low level in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Public procurement in general and e-procurement services are the areas where institutional and legal framework provides sufficient need and space for providing technical assistance.

What we want to achieve?

Increasing accountability and transparency of public procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and strengthening and development of new e-governance services, especially those based on e-procurement systems, are among the main goals of the Programme. Providing support to capacity and legal framework development will additionally contribute to the greater trust in public institutions. 

How and with whom we work?

Our key partner institutions in this area are the Public Procurement Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Procurement Review Body. Their capacities and the services they provide are in the focus of the Programme’s technical assistance. Support to various processes of training and legislation development within wider context of public procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, cooperation with other public institutions, academic and civil society also reflects our approach to this subject. All interventions in public procurement area are directly intertwined with anti – corruption measures as one of the cross-cutting issues of the Programme.

Some of our results so far & major activities

Implemented with technical support of the Programme in this area of our work, the e-public procurement system is one of the largest and most complex e-governance systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 2,300 public institutions as constant users. Further development and continuous strengthening of individual and institutional capacities will continue also in the next years.