Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education of B&H, among other things, is responsible for the process of external assessment in pre-primary, primary and secondary education. This process represents the basis of reference points in terms of condition and the level of pupils’ knowledge in order to provide appropriate recommendations to the competent education institutions. Achievement of this particular assignment is conditioned by the collection of data and the development of relevant databases and their updating and maintainance. During the needs analysis of the Agency within the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in B&H, lack of structured data on education and training was determined, what represents an obstacle for better coordination of education sector, for the insurance of fulfilment of indicators required by UNESCO, EUROSTAT or OECD, as well as for the management mechanism about education status in BiH. In order to successfully overcome this obstacle and to efficiently handle databases, it has been agreed to develop a data model for APOSO. The data model should automate the process of external assessment and knowledge of pupils, develop a unique database that in the future can be further upgraded in accordance of the Agency's needs and needs of involved stakeholders. Moreover, it should provide the ability of a web portal that would provide an insight into results to the interested stakeholders in a simple way.

Currently data entry in APOSO is done manually using MS Access forms as shown in the following figure:


In order to verify the concept and the functionality of the data model but also harmonise it with the actual needs, Agency contacted competent ministries of education. Thereby, three elementary schools were named that will participate in piloting and simulation of external knowledge assessment. These schools are A. B. Šimić Elementary school from Mostar, Georgi Stojkov Rakovski Elementary school from Banja Luka and Mehmedalija Mak Dizdar Elementary school from Sarajevo.

The workshop on the pilot project data model was held in Mostar 19 March and further steps in the process of simulation testing were identified.