DSC_0147During the first meeting of the inter-institutional group for gender equality held May 14, 2013 in Sarajevo members of the group introduced themselves, presented their experiences in gender mainstreaming so far. Gender analyses made so far for the Programme and their main findings and recommendations were presented at the meeting and possible activities of joint interest were discussed.
Some of the possible activities that need to be more precisely defined in the upcoming days are development of a training on gender equality and mainstreaming for the civil servants, analysis of the gender sensistivity of internal documents and their adjustment, analysis of gender sensitivity in communication and the analysis and improvement of the human resources management system from a gender equality point of view.
Main role of the group will be to propose options for gender mainstreaming in the activities of the Programme and to monitor the imlementation of such proposals, but also to facilitate the exchange of experiences between the members. Group will have regular meetings in the future and the next meeting will tentatively be organised within the next month.