On 1 and 2 October 2013 in Teslić, the representatives of the Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance participated in a workshop for strategic planning where they actively worked on preparation of a strategic plan for the Agency. By process of strategic planning, the Agency will have opportunity to analyse its organisation, define its strategic guidelines of work and development and make operative plans for realization of activities in future period of five years.

The emphasis in this cycle of strategic planning was exactly the defining of strategic objectives, i.e. the identification of key issues and problems of the Agency. Through theoretic and practical work, a methodology of strategic planning was presented to the members of the working team with regard to defined missions and visions of the European quality assurance agencies, especially of such agencies from the region of the Southeast Europe. On the basis of the presented and with support of employed experts, the members of the working team have agreed about the mission, vision and values of the Agency.

Within the theoretical part of defining of strategic objectives, examples of strategic objectives of four organisations from BiH, the West Balkans region and broad Europe were presented to the workshop attendees. From the presented, the attendees obtained clear insight in different structures of hierarchy goals, but also the ideas that may be useful in process of determination of strategic aims and programs. In the practical part of the workshop, the attendees made the first drafts of strategic objectives in the sphere of quality assurance, education development as well as aims related to the Agency itself. The following activities in strategic planning of the Agency will be the defining of a five-year action plan, monitoring and evaluation system and defining of results indicators.

Support to Agency’s strategic plan development is realized within the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions which is financed by the Federal Republic of Germany and is implemented in BiH by the GIZ. The lead executing agency in BiH is the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in B&H.