Open Government Partnership Initiative Presented

Open Government Partnership, a global initiative that in almost three years of existance was joined by 63 countries, was presented to the members of the inter-institutional working group for Communications and Knowledge Management at a workshop organised by the Programme for Strengthening in the first week of March in Konjic.

The basic idea of the OGP initiative is openness of data, i.e. the public accessibility of data that is owned by the institutions, in accordance with the regulations in the format suitable for further processing and analysis. In order to consider the date open, however, it is required that that data, e.g. on the websites of public institutions, meet the eight criteria. Among other, the data should be complete, timely, original, non-discriminating, and licence-free.

The OGP initiative was presented by the representatives of Transparency International BiH, UG Zašto ne and Mediacentar, stating that the ultimate objective is the building of trust of citizens in the government institutions. In this light the possible ways of establishing cooperation between the institutions in the group for Communications and Knowledge Management and the civil society organisation that implement OGP activities was discussed during the workshop.

The inter-institutional group, also, included the principles of OGP in the three-year plan of operations of the SPI Programme that is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The group for communications and knowledge management is comprised of representatives of the Public Procurement Agency, Agency for Statistics of BiH, Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education of BiH, Agency for Development of High Education and Quality Assurance, Civil Service Agency, Central Bank of BiH, Directorate for European Integration, Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office, and the Procurement Review Body of BiH.


Source: website of the Directorate for European Integration.