Modern e-training offer for civil servants in BiH

On 8 May 2014, the programme of distance learning (e-learning) and e-learning training system for civil servants in the public administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, introduced by the Civil Service Agency of BiH, was presented in Sarajevo. The Federal Republic of Germany provided support for this programme, through its Program for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH, implemented by German GIZ.

The Civil Service Agency of BiH facilitated introduction of the new types of training for civil servants: webinar (distance learning through internet in real time), e-learning (distance learning through internet, with trainers) and self-paced e-learning (distance learning through internet, with the trainees setting their own pace of learning). So far, four such courses have been prepared covering the following topics: Mobbing, Introduction to Quality Management, Introduction to Strategic Planning and Introduction to E-Government.

At the same time development of the information system for electronic Training Management System (TMS) was completed, which will ensure full automatisation of the training process.

The implementation of electronic Training Management System (TMS) will significantly improve the quality of ongoing public administration reforms, particularly in terms of the civil servants training, noted Neven Akšamija, Director of the Civil Service Agency of BiH. He added:

“As part of continuous search for the best methods for training and professional development of civil servants, the Civil Service Agency of BiH, with great assistance from the German GIZ, has launched the distance learning and e-learning, to support and complement predominant traditional training in classrooms. It is no longer a question of whether, but only when we will adopt new technologies. I believe that knowledge and skills which will become available to civil servants through e-learning programmes, in their offices and in all parts of the country, will improve the quality of their work to the benefit of all citizens and economy.”

Reinhard Lüke, Manager of the GIZ Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH, stated that good quality training is an essential element of the public administration:

“Strong public institutions are the aim of this Program because they are the precondition for good public services and for a successful EU accession of BiH. Only the strong institutions and competent civil servants will be able to transfer the existing legal framework of the European Union into BiH practice. To respond to these and other challenges civil servants will need to constantly develop their professional skills and knowledge, which is why we support the Civil Service Agency in the establishment of an e-Learning System that opens new avenues for learning.”

The e-learning programme will enable trainees to register and engage in e-learning process using only computer with internet connection. In the future, the programme will also become available to all domestic institutions wanting to do their own training, and will not be exclusively used by the Civil Service Agency of BiH. The Civil Service Agency of BiH will also continue to provide the traditional training in classrooms, since e-learning will simply complement the range of training modes it offers.