The new e-Procurement system introduced

As part of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions, the BiH Public Procurement Agency in cooperation with GIZ developed an entirely new information system for publishing public procurement notices and reporting on completed public procurement procedures (the e-Procurement information system) and we are very pleased to inform you that the system is now operational.

At the initial stage the e-Procurement information system comprises three integrated and fully functional applications: registry of contracting authorities and bidders, reporting system for public procurement procedures (WisPPA), and a module for publishing public procurement notices (Go-Procure) with all of its functionalities, while in the second stage the system will be upgraded with two new modules: e-Tendering and e-Auctions.

The company which developed the new information system is Devlogic d.o.o. from Sarajevo whose development team, together with the team from the BiH Public Procurement Agency, did a very professional job and developed, in a very short time, a highly complex application which will play a crucial role in the implementation of the new Public Procurement Law. In developing the e-Procurement system, the development team ensured that all functionalities required from the new system are developed and implemented in a manner that makes the use of the system highly intuitive and facilitates the implementation of procedures stipulated by the new Public Procurement Law.

The BiH Public Procurement Agency would like to thank GIZ for their assistance in the implementation of this project, deemed of high importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the company Devlogic d.o.o. which demonstrated that Bosnia and Herzegovina does have the professional capacities to deal with very complex challenges.

The new public procurement portal can be accessed via the following link: e-Procurement Portal