Workshop on Public-Private Partnership Held

Workshop on the analysis and improvement of the Project on Public Private Partnership was held 23 April 2015 at the Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo.

PPP project was prepared by the supervisory team of Public Finances. In addition to the members of the supervisory team, the workshop was also organised for representatives of: the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of B&H, the Ministry of Finance of RS, the Ministry of Finance of FB&H, the Finance Directorate of BD, the Ministry of Foreign Trade of B&H, the DEI, the Commission for Concessions of B&H, FBiH, RS and the Commission for Public Private Partnerships of BD.

Falko Sellner, key expert in this field, spoke at the workshop. Sellner presented the results of the analysis of PPP project tender, which was cancelled, based on a survey conducted by PARCO and on the research on the international market for PPP.

There were presented concrete proposals for the improvement of the new PPP project.

Presentation on the subject of transposition of EU public procurement regime relevant to the PPP in BiH (competitive dialogue, innovative partnership), was held by Eva Radeva, Key Expert of the EU project Strengthening the management of public procurement.

Radmila Mihić, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Finance of RS, spoke about their experiences on the preparation of PPP in the Republika Srpska.

Conclusions of the workshop:

  • The PPP project has full support of all stakeholders
  • It is necessary to change the terms of reference and the tender documentation in terms of relaxing the conditions for experts
  • As a criteria for the award of the contract, the economically most advantageous offer should be taken in the following tender procedure
  • It is necessary to increase the total budget of the project
  • In order to educate key users it is necessary to organise two study trips to countries with an effective PPP regime and its successful implementation
  • The greatest attention in the project should be focused on activities which refer to the training of relevant institutions for PPP, preparedness of the business community for PPP and promotion of PPP.
  • The project of Strengthening the Public Procurement System in BiH, which is financed from IPA 2012, will be available to PARCO to assist with the application of the principle of the economically most advantageous offer in public procurement for the project.

The workshop was also attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of RS, the Commission for Concessions of B&H, the Commission for Concessions of FBiH, the USAID-Sida GOLD Project BiH, Public Company Elektroprivreda BiH, the Office of the Coordinator of BD and Jasmina Popin, Advisor in GIZ.

The workshop was organised with the support of GIZ, through the implementation of the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions.

Source: Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office