Conference on Quality Management in Public Administration Held in Sarajevo

— Conference “Quality Management – an Instrument for Better Public Administration” was organised in Sarajevo on 27 October 2015 by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office (PARCO) and GIZ in cooperation with the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović said that the public administration reform is one of the key criteria in the process of European integration and that “Bosnia and Herzegovina is for years facing the challenge to organise its own society in order to restore confidence of its citizens in public administration, while respecting the principles of equality, justice, solidarity, legality, economy and efficiency.”

“The introduction of a quality management system will not solve all of our problems in public administration, but it will raise the level of responsibility, and the requirement for that is also to change awareness about public services and orientation towards customers,” said Šarović and added that the Council of Ministers endorsed activities led by PARCO in this process.

Public Administration Reform Coordinator Dragan Ćuzulan said that the modernisation of public administration, which is being carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina requires the introduction of a quality management system in the public sector, and that PARCO is given a role to promote the use of instruments for total quality management, develop necessary trainings, offer necessary information and to function as the focal point of this initiative.

“Total Quality Management represents a modern approach for monitoring and improvement of performance in organizations,” said Ćuzulan.

Head of the GIZ Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH Reinhard Lüke stated that the conference was organised in order to raise awareness of the importance of the introduction of quality management as a driving force for the improvement of public services.

“The introduction of quality management systems in public institutions aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services to citizens and other stakeholders,” said Lüke and added that the Programme carried out by GIZ on behalf of the German Government and in cooperation with the PARCO, contributes to the further economic and social development and it promotes the process of integration of BiH into the EU by supporting the successful implementation of the public administration reform.

During the conference Memorandum of Understanding for establishment of cooperation in the field of quality management has been signed between PARCO, the Institute for Standardization of BiH (BAS) and GIZ.

Patrick Steas and Nick Thijs from EIPA held presentations about quality management in the public sector through a common assessment framework (CAF Model), Goran Paštrović, Programme Manager in ReSPA, spoke about the role of the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) in quality management and Nina Hadžimulić, Sector Manager in the Nuclear Power Plant Krško, presented the activities on quality management in Krško Management Board. Furthermore, Aleksandar Karišik, Head of Operations Unit in PARCO, presented the activities of PARCO in this process, Bojan Golić from the Civil Service Agency of BiH also shared his experiences with the participants of the conference, and Aleksandar Cincar, Director of BAS, presented about the ISO 9001 standard.

The conference was organised for the institutions at the state level and other partners of PARCO in the process of public administration reform.

Source: PARCO,