First IPA II Glossary in the Region Promoted

— On Tuesday, 14 June 2016, in the great hall of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly in Sarajevo, the Directorate for European Integration held a promotional event dedicated to the IPA II Glossary, which was prepared and developed with the support of GIZ within the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH.

Ms. Zara Halilović, Assistant Director at the Assistance Coordination Division, addressed all present on behalf of the Directorate for European Integration and stated that programming of financial assistance would be impossible without a tool such as this glossary, and added that the use of this tool is of particular importance for the representatives of all institutions in BiH. Reinhard Lüke, GIZ Programme Manager for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH, and Melvin Asin, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation in BiH, welcomed the creation and publishing of this type of document and noted that this is the first IPA II glossary in the region, serving to clarify the extensive knowledge necessary for planning and utilisation of EU financial assistance.

Ms. Biljana Ivanović, DEI Assistant Director for Translation, added that this Glossary offers systematic and methodologically simple clarification of all terms relevant for the EU Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) and contains some 300 terms from 11 reference IPA II documents.

The expert engaged in the preparation of this publication, Mr. Zvonimir Savić, spoke about the experiences of his colleagues in the neighbouring Croatia and mentioned that the main purpose of the glossary is to facilitate the work of all those dealing with projects, and that in Croatia a similar publication created in 2008 is still kept on civil servants’ desks and has proven to be invaluable in their daily work.

In addition to printed version, also a digital version of this publication will also be available on the DEI website as a contribution to further learning about the functioning of Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance IPA II.

Source/photo: Directorate for European Integration