Donor Coordination Meeting for the Public Administration Reform Sector Held

With the support of the Programme for Strengthening Public Institutions, which is implemented by German GIZ, Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office organised 12 December 2018 in Sarajevo a meeting with donors who place funds into the public administration reform (PAR) sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Among other topics, the needs and assessment of funding of the new strategic framework for continuation of the public administration reform were discussed during the meeting. Also discussed was the improvement of existing and development of new coordination instruments. Participants of the meeting discussed the draft Donor Coordination Concept for the PAR Sector and expressed their support to the concept in principle, but concluded that the draft document needs to be further elaborated in line with the provided comments and suggestions.

By organising these meetings Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office wishes to ensure a coordinated approache to efficient and effective reform implementation, but also a timely exchange of information between the donors and local authorities. Furthermore, with this the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office is taking concrete steps that are in accordance with the recommendations of the Special Working Group for Public Administration Reform. The recommendations were given at the first meeting of the PAR Special Working Group held in February 2017 in Mostar. By accentuating the importance of donor coordination in this sector, Special Working Group for PAR has called for establishing an efficient and functional coordination mechanism for implementation of the new Strategic Framework for Public Administration Reform between all administrative levels and which includes regular coordination of donors under the leadership of the state.

Within the intervention area I “Policy Development and Coordination” the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina provides advice and expert support to the establishment of donor coordination in the PAR sector. This represents one of key requirements in implementation of a sector approach within the framework of the European Union's Instrupement of Pre-accession Assistance IPA II, as well as one of recommendations of the Special Working Group for PAR.

Source: Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office,