Public Consultations on the Draft Communication Strategy of the EU Ascession Process of Bosnia and Herzegovina Implemented

Directorate for European Intergration has held 12 December 2018 in Doboj public consultations with the civil society organisation on the draft text of the new Communication Strategy of the EU Accession Process of Bosnia and Herzegovina – from candidate status until membership. This is a strategic document which envisages that – after Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes a candidate country – relevant institutions of BiH communicate about the process with messages and channels adapted to the target groups, instead of communication so far, which focussed on general messages to all target audiences.

Civil society organisations offered concrete suggestions for the improvement of the Strategy text and articulated needs of interests to this segment of society. Main message of the Strategy is that intergration into the EU represents a chance for improvement of quality of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its desired outcome is dispersion of tools, channels and carriers of communication about the EU intergration. Directorate for European Integration previously consulted the institutions of BiH and after the consultations with the wider audiences which will take place online at the portal eKonsultacije (eConsultations), this document will be sent to the Council of Ministers for adoption. Text of the Draft Strategy is available in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian here.

Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in BiH has provided expert advice and support in preparation, implementation and hosting of the consultations with the government institutions which were held 25 October 2017 in Sarajevo as well as additional public consultations with the civil society on 12 December 2017 in Doboj. This support is provided within the programme's thematic area of Communication, Transparency and Civil Society with the objective of increasing the level of public participation in development of government policies and strategic documents and to ensure transparency of such processes.

Source: Directorate for European Integration,