Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office Publishes Citizen Budget

Public Administration Reform Coordinator dr. Dragan Ćuzulan and Mathias Mühle, head of the Programme for Strengthening Public Institutions (SPI), have presented PARCO’s 2018 Citizens Budget at a press conference in Sarajevo today, 31 May 2018. Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office (PARCO) has published its Citizen Budget for the second year in a row and is the only state-level institution to proactively publish information on how public money is spent.

Citizen Budget is a non-technical version of a budget document presented in a user-friendly infographic format.

“The principle of budget transparency is accepted worldwide and implies universal availability of information on how public money is raised and spent. In this way, we remain committed to a proactive and transparent approach to public information with a view to ensuring informed, inclusive and transparent decision-making in the best interests of the citizenry,” said the PAR coordinator and added that in drawing up its Citizens Budget PARCO sought to contribute to the advancement of democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the protection of the public interest.

“In a democracy the system rests on transparent control of the way power is exercised. An accountable government differs from an unaccountable one in that it has complete oversight into the expenditure of public funds collected from taxpayers,” said Ćuzulan.

“As part of the SPI’s thematic area “Communications”, GIZ advises partner institutions in BiH on behalf of the German Federal Government with a view to enhancing transparency, in particular as it pertains to proactive disclosure. We also provide technical support to institutions in the process of improving cooperation with civil society and increasing civic engagement. In this context, we have provided technical support to PARCO in drawing up the second edition of the Citizens Budget,” said Mühle. He added that he believed “this publication will help citizens be better informed about PARCO’s activities, the manner in which it spends public money as well as the results and effects of its work.”

In its 2018 Work Programme PARCO has envisaged activities that will contribute to the fulfilment of its core functions – coordination, guidance and monitoring of public administration reform. In line with the Reform Agenda, the most important activity this year is the preparation of strategic documents for public administration reform with BAM 200,000 earmarked for this activity. In addition to developing a new PAR strategy and the accompanying action plan, budget money will be spent on monitoring the results of the reform under the previous strategy, management of the Public Administration Reform Fund (PARF), and development of a quality management system. PARCO staff will spend a major portion of their time developing reform projects, preparing project documents, implementing tendering procedures, ensuring project oversight and guidance, doing promotional work, etc., which will cost a total of BAM 960,000. PARCO has at its disposal BAM 1.46 million, and the budget document shows an additional BAM 150,000 which were approved for PARF by the BiH Council of Ministers. The latter amount cannot be spent by PARCO for its own purposes, but is earmarked only for PARF-funded projects.

The publication also provides a rundown of how the PARF funds will be spent this year, along with descriptions of the projects that are being — or are planned to be — implemented in 2018. Preparation of the Citizens Budget was preceded by an online survey.

PARCO's Citizen Budget for 2018 can be downloaded here (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian only).


Source: Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office,