First Meeting of the Community of Practice for Long-Term and Sectoral Planning

As part of Public Administration Reform (PAR), the first meeting of the Community of Practice for Long-Term/Sectoral Planning (CoP) was held on 1 June 2018. CoP aims to serve as an experience sharing forum in the field of long-term/sectoral planning and implementation of the European Commission recommendations regarding the development of a long-term planning methodology and sector strategy. The meeting was attended by representative of the relevant institutions at all administrative levels that are engaged in long-term planning: BiH Ministry of Justice, BiH Directorate for Economic Planning, BiH Ministry of Finance and Treasury, FBiH Development Programming Institute, General Secretariat of the RS Government, Secretariat of the BD BiH Government and PARCO. The aim of the CoP meetings is to improve, harmonise and align policies. The first CoP meeting was held as part of the Programme for Strengthening Public Institutions, which is implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina by GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Government. The meeting was organised in coordination with and in the presence of representatives of the EU Delegation in BiH.