Donor Meeting in the PAR Sector Organised

A meeting of representatives of donors in the Public Administration Reform sector was held in Sarajevo on 20 June 2018. The meeting was organised by PARCO, with the support of the Programme for Strengthening Public Institutions which is implemented by GIZ at the behest of the German Federal Government.

Stressing that the meeting will, inter alia, be focused on the new strategic framework for the continuation of public administration reform, PAR coordinator Dragan Ćuzulan recalled that the BD Government and the FBiH Government had adopted this document a few days before and that its adoption was also expected in the BiH Council of Ministers and the RS Government.

“I believe we are all aware that without a new strategic framework it will not be possible to continue the reform process and bring the public administration closer to citizens so that it could, in less time and for less money, offer citizens cheaper, better and more efficient public services. Also, it is clear that without a shared and firm commitment by all stakeholders in this process it will not be possible to meet all the targets that we have jointly set in this document – one of the few documents that is applicable to all four administrative levels in BiH,” said the coordinator .

He stressed that national institutions had to finally demonstrate a political and financial willingness and take the lead in the implementation of reforms, adding that “on this path we still need help from embassies”.

“Even though it has proved to be a good modality for financing projects, the Public Administration Reform Fund (PARF) threatens to collapse unless we make sure that another annex is signed or an altogether new one is adopted,” said the coordinator.

Ferid Otajagić, PAR deputy coordinator, thanked the donors that had supported the PAR process in the past and urged them to continue doing so.

“PARCO has the capacity and ability to resume the work on initiating, coordinating and managing the PAR process,” said Otajagić.

Mirsada Jahić, FBiH PAR coordinator, acknowledged the efforts made in coordinating this process and added that PARCO and the coordination structure have yet to face the toughest challenge, namely the preparation and adoption of the Action Plan.

“It is only by defining new measures in the action plan and implementing them that we will achieve the objective of making public administration more responsive to citizens and the business community and creating a better business environment,” said the coordinator, adding that the FBiH Government supported PARCO’s efforts and the functioning of PARF which focuses on project activities that help the administration implement reform measures.

In addition to PARCO representatives, PAR coordinators from BD BiH, RS and FBiH and representatives of national institutions, today’s meeting was attended by representatives of the EU Delegation, GIZ, the World Bank, the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the British Embassy in BiH.

Source: Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office,