Vision and Mission
The vision of the Programme was developed within the team and together with the partners as a general guideline providing long-term orientation for the overall direction of the project.

SPI Vision

Together with our partners the Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina strives for effectiveand efficient public institutions, which deliver high qualityservices to citizens/ businesses in accordance with EU standards and with the principles and goals of the Public Administration Reform Strategy. The Programme will thus facilitate EU accession of the country.

Stating the Programme’s purpose and primary objectives, the mission follows logically from the vision and sets out how it can be achieved through more concrete measures.

SPI Mission

The Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina delivers customized solutions through a fast and flexible approach, listening to partners and responding to their demands. We assist the selected public institutions in identifying cross-institutional synergies, recognising and using their potentials on the basis of the Programme’s resources, andimplementing reform measures based on effectiveness, efficiency, openness, transparency and accountability.

Objectives and Results

Programme’s overall objective and anticipated results are allowing to measure and monitor all decisions made during the implementation. Accordingly, the following indicators help to assess, steer and – where necessary – adjust the different components of the cooperation measurement.

Overall Objective
Selected state institutions offer services of improved quality according to the demand throughout the entire country.
For the Programme’s first phase (until end of 2013) the following phase objective and itsindicators have been agreed upon:

Phase Objective

Selected state institutions apply mechanisms and tools to improve their capacities and the quality of their services.

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