In order to achieve the goals of the Programme and to facilitate cooperation and involve all relevant partners in the steering and long-term orientation of SPI’s activities, an advisory board is set up, guided by the following principles, rules and procedures.

The advisory board convenes in order to support SPI’s progress in achieving the programme’s long-term goals. All members contribute to the advisory board’s work in a spirit of joint responsibility for the programme’s success.
In its work, the advisory board takes its orientation from the programme’s overall objective and its general focus, as agreed between the governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.
The advisory board consists of the following members:

  • the Public Administration Reform Coordinator,
  • the GIZ programme manager,
  • one representative of each beneficiary institution, and
  • non-permanent participants (“guests”), including experts of PARCO, GIZ and the beneficiaries, on a case-by-case basis.

Main functions of the advisory board are:

  • monitoring of the programme’s progress,
  • exchange of relevant information regarding the implementation of the programme,
  • formulation of recommendations with respect to new activities and projects,
  • consideration and discussion of the GIZ Progress Report,
  • formulation of recommendations regarding possible new beneficiaries to be included in the programme, and
  • identification of possible areas for cooperation between involved institutions.

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