Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance

The Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance was established by the Framework Law on Higher Education in BiH as an independent administrative organization.

The work of the Agency is independent and public. The independent work of the Agency in relation to the competences for external quality assurance is achieved by legal, transparent and public procedures involving international experts who provide their assessments, conduct quality review, and give recommendations on the accreditation of higher education institutions.

The transparency of work is implemented in accordance with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and includes filing activity reports to the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and to the Council of Ministers of BiH, but first of all, this involves determining of clear, transparent and accessible criteria for the accreditation of higher education institutions and establishing the norms for minimal standards in the field of higher education, such as giving recommendations on the criteria and standards to the Ministry of Republika Srpska, cantonal ministries, and Brčko District BiH for the establishment and closing down of higher education institutions, and for the restructuring of study programs;

In September 2012, the Agency was selected as a beneficiary institution of the Programme. Initial activities were aimed at the development of organizational analysis and strategic plan of the Agency, as a basis for defining further activities in accordance with the needs of the Agency.

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