Policy Development and Coordination

What we work on?

Strategic planning and development management in Bosnia and Herzegovina is partially in place at each respective level of Government. However, the current approach is not harmonized across the whole country and hence does not fully meet the requirements of the European Union integration process. In addition, establishing sectorial donor coordination is a pre-condition for ensuring additional financial and technical assistance.

What we want to achieve?

In this area of our work the objective is to improve the harmonization in the planning and development processes and coordination of EU priorities. In addition, efforts will be invested to improve the drafting of strategic documents at the state level in order to meet the requirements necessary for absorbing the IPA (Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance) funds. This will contribute to improved coordination of planning processes and the adoption of a whole-of-country approach as recommended in the Principles for Public Administration developed by SIGMA.

How and with whom we work?

Key institutions at the state level will be supported to improve the horizontal and vertical coordination of planning processes. Additionally, key stakeholders will be supported providing advice to other institutions in the process of Public Administration Reform, through the establishment of Public Administration Reform sector donor coordination. Main cooperation partners in this area of our work are the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, Directorate for European Integration, Directorate for Economic Planning, General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Treasury and others.

Some of our results so far & major activities

Needs assessment analysing the challenges in the current strategic planning and development processes at the state level has been conducted in 2016, providing a basis for further action and capacity building measures. Further examples of our work are the organisation of the first PAR Sector Donor Coordination meeting, and the development of a PAR sector donor coordination concept.