Quality Management

What we work on?

Quality management is one of the thematic areas of the Programme where special attention is paid to the client/costumer/citizen orientation, as well as to measuring success in line with the established system of the process-oriented institution.

What we want to achieve?

The objective in this area is to introduce quality management standards, instruments and techniques as structured approach towards efficient and effective public administration. Our focus is on the client orientation via systematic client satisfaction surveys, accompanied by proactive and transparent communication to main stakeholders and citizens.

How and with whom we work?

The approach in this area includes self-assessments of public institutions based on criteria and sub-criteria of the Common Assessment Framework – CAF, or process/result-orientation and optimisation through the International Standard Organisation (ISO). The main partners are the Public Administration Coordinator’s Office, the Civil Service Agency of BiH, and the Institute for Standardisation of BiH. There are other state and entity level institutions which are active in the field of quality management and part of the inter-institutional working group for QM, working closely together in this platform.

Some of our results so far & major activities

In the past, we have organised a training of CAF coaches/mentors for further upscaling in BiH, supported the establishment of the CAF Resource Centre in PARCO, developed and printed the Guidelines on Client satisfaction & the Guidelines for Implementation of ISO 9001:2008 in Public Administration, translated into Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian and published the EU Primer on Client Satisfaction Management as well as the Methodological Guidelines on CAF Implementation. Aggregated results can be shown in the increase of client satisfaction and efficient performance of the improvement plans.