Civil Service Agency of BiH Conducted a Training Clients’ Satisfaction Survey

— Clients whose opinion and satisfaction was tested were civil servants registered in the training management system (TMS). From a total of 2,100 users, answer to the survey gave 350 users during 10 days duration of the survey in December 2015. The aim of the survey conducted by the Civil Service Agency of BiH (CSA) was to investigate satisfaction with the complete training because during 2014 the survey was reformulated to electronic form. The share of respondents who evaluated the training with “satisfied” or “very satisfied” is from 91 to 100 percent.

To read complete results of the survey click here (available in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian only).

The Programme for Strengthening of Public Institutions through the Thematic Area of Quality Management supports systematic introduction of the practice of surveying clients on the satisfaction with services provided by public institutions. During 2013, the Programme has supported development of the methodology and implementation of initial surveying of clients and citizens satisfaction in Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office (PARCO), Directorate for European Integration (DEI), Public Procurement Agency of B&H (PPA), Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of B&H (HEA) and Agency for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary education of B&H (APOSO). Last year, four beneficiary institutions (BHAS, HEA, APOSO, and CSA) conducted client satisfaction surveys on their own.

Source: (Civil Service Agency of BiH)